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What Is An Independent Insurance Agent?


Purchasing a Homeowners Insurance Policy in the state of Texas has been proven to be a difficult process. At Strategic Insurance Solutions we strive to help individuals get through the maze of today's policies. I would like to tell you a little bit about what you are facing.

A policy is comprised of different forms that determine the protection which it provides. Some of these forms are a generic form used across the county and some are forms that orginated right here in Texas. Other forms are actually written by the carrier which should be reviewed by a professional.


Auto Insurance is probably the most commonly purchased and used insurance throughout the nation. Since there are so many claims; auto insurance coverages has, for the most part, developed a common standard policy across the industry.

Where you will really find the difference is in the quality of service that the carrier and its agents provide. Unfortunately to my knowledge there is not a place for consumers to go and share reviews about their current auto insurance carriers, although there should be.

Many individuals rely on websites such as A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's. These are resources that you can use to help you indentify which carriers are financially stable. A financially stable carrier is very important when selecting your Auto insurance. When you purchase insurance you are paying a premium to transfer your risk to the carrier you select. Well if the carrier you select is having financial problems then who's to say they will have the money to pay for your claim when it arises?

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